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Nostalrius 7.4 (12/02) REQUIRED the use of the client itself to connect directly to the Server.



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Avast False Positive


Name Description Download for MacBook
Nostalrius 7.4 You can use a software called CodeWeavers to Run Windows Software.

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Full Map

Use the command (%appdata%) on Windows Search. Go to the directory (Nostalrius) and replace the file (minimap.otmm)

Use o comando  (%appdata%) na pesquisa do Windows e procure pela pasta (Nostalrius). Substitua o arquivo chamado (minimap.otmm).

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DirectX version requires 3 dlls: libEGL.dll libGLESv2.dll d3dcompiler_46.dll
If it can't start (missing dlls) then user need to install visual studio 2019 redistributable x86:

Problems? Delete the Files and try again. Go to (OTClientV8) folder and delete the folder!