• The albino boots has changed to +40 to +50 of speed.
  • The heavy items was fixed for houses now they transform in parcels again, but only the items that you buy from now ahead.
  • According to the new bows from bosses we added a new arrow attack 32 called (Hunting Arrow) that you can buy on the npcs:
  1. Irea    (Ab'Dendriel)
  2. Dario    (Ankrahmun)
  3. Perac    (Carlin)
  4. Edoch    (Darashia)
  5. Willard    (Edron)
  6. Cedrik    (Liberty Bay)
  7. Perod    (Port Hope)
  8. Robert    (Svargrond)
  9. Galuna  (Thais)
  10. Xed        (Venore)