Small Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated Bosses items on Library (Axe, Sword, Club, Bow, Crossbow and Spellbooks) click HERE!
  • Fixed task of Exp (Blightwalker).
  • Updated rashid items (Devil Helmet, Julunggul Token and Arakho Token) click HERE! We are working to release new outfits that you can exchange for Tokens, stay tuned!
  • Boat of Port Hope and Darashia fixed to avoid traps. (Kick me out).
  • Fixed random bug of 10K Quest that the wall was not Open when pressed the tile inside the library.
  • Now you can broke the Wooden bars with almost any weapon and not just crowbar.
  • Some walls on Thais Houses was fixed to save items like Trophies.

Updated Npcs with: (Red Gem: 1K), (Yellow Gem: 1K), (Blue Gem: 5K), (Green Gem: 5K), (Violet Gem: 10K), (Gold Ingot: 5K).

  • Briasol (Ab'Dendriel)
  • Chantalle (Liberty Bay)
  • Gail (Port Hope)
  • Hanna (Thais)
  • Ishina (Darashia)
  • Iwan (Edron)
  • Jessica (Svargrond)
  • Odemara (Venore)
  • Tesha (Ankrahmun)
  • Tezila (Kazordoon)